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Scott Cook said once: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is”. And adding to this, the traditional marketing and communication strategies are becoming invisible to the consumers that make their product choices based on recommendations made by the people that they admire and recognize (the so-called influencers).

Aware of this, and of the power of digital reach, Kabrio is born in 2018 as a strategic partner for brands that seek digital influencers as extensions of their own narrative, as well as content creators that seek to strengthen their market position, giving them the necessary support.

The strategies we develop always (or almost always) have digital influencers as a centerpiece, and they can come into fruition as social network campaigns or even brand activations. What we guarantee is the most amount of impact and reach in delivering your brand image, using the following key factors: authenticity + storytelling and other compelling content + a purpose.

And above all this, the perfect match between influencer and brand, along with the content strategy that we define will assure a result that is 100% authentic and with which the digital community of said content creator will identify with. Because when an influencer sees himself in a brand, that gives it an authentic feel, no longer publicity, it becomes storytelling.



Online Course Development

Are you an expert in a certain topic or matter? Would you like to share that knowledge with more people and build your credibility? Do you want to focus on what you’re good at, which is producing relevant content on topics of your expertise, and not waste time on strategising, planing, producing, and formulating promotion and business plans?

Kabrio agency, the 1st agency in Portugal with a team that specialises in digital product launches, info product strategy, online content production, and utilizes the most efective and advanced business strategies for monetising as well as  promoting these kinds of products.  You only have to focus on producing the best content you can, and with that, you’ll reach new heights faster than before, which will in turn allow you to generate more revenue. 

Tell your story and share your knowledge to the world, along with a versatile and talented team of strategy developers, designers, copywriters, digital marketing and online content launch experts, web designers, videographers and photographers, amongst other talented individuals.

Become an authority in your field next to a team that ensures that everything else is taken care of. Leaving you to focus on what you’re good at.




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